One day Ben had a great idea.

GPTV is what it is today because of the people who believe that there are great people out there, and we are great because we carry values that makes us great.
We want to curate Leadership Learning Content with real stories of starting points, milestones, and even mistakes.
GPTV brings you weekly episodes of entertaining, informative, and honest discussions with people from around the world that carry human values such as resilience, empathy, and more.
We seek human stories that matter in Business, Entertainment, Sports, and Technologies.
Created and hosted by Ben Ibrahim.
Co-hosted by Hannah.

Our guests get all the credit for being their awesome selves. Our fans get all the credit for their support. Managing people is done by Sofia. Azhar handles the social media chaos. We look good during the live because of Sabatini.
Afifah plans and keeps our online calendar in check.
Alex writes a lot and weaves the podcast.
Sheril and Faizal makes sure our content makes more impact with their design superpowers.
You’re able to read this on a website with WordPress by Rose, Martin, and Chester.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments, guest suggestions, or just to have your thoughts.

Your ideas are great too!

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